Original Skinhead Reggae Classics

In the late sixties and early seventies, the development of the skinhead scene in the UK led to some of the countrys top reggae acts recording songs championing the youthful cropped haired stylists who had helped propel Jamaican music into British mainstream consciousness.

Collected on this newly compiled album are a dozen such recordings from the golden age of reggae, performed by such celebrated acts as Dandy, Lloyd Charmers, the Pioneers and of course, Symarip, whose anthemic Skinhead Moonstomp was later covered by 2Tone founders, the Specials.

Mastered from the finest analogue source, the record is pressed on high quality vinyl and comes housed in a handsomely designed sleeve that conveys an authentic yet contemporary feel.

Track Listing

  1. Skinhead Moonstomp - Symarip
  2. Skinheads a Bash Them - Claudette & The Corporation
  3. Trouble in the Town - Dandy
  4. Skinhead Speaks His Mind - The Hot Rod All Stars
  5. Skinhead Revolt - Joe The Boss
  6. Skinhead a Message to You - Desmond Riley
  7. Skinhead Train - The Charmers
  8. Skinheads Don't Fear - The Hot Rod All Stars
  9. Kick Me or I'll Kick You - The Cimarons
  10. Brixton Fight - Pama Dice
  11. Reggae Fever - The Pioneers
  12. Moon Hop - Derrick Morgan